“The Reality of Beauty”

Live your life to the fullest and never let yourself locked inside the dim of a closet. Push the doors open and face the world of light with a smile and an untold truth of you. This would define one’s (self-) confidence. Confidence is an attribute given by Him where you never get afraid of […]


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“Thank you”

Yes, I am still hurt right now. Nandito ka pa din. I am still not over you. Pero wag kang mag alala dadating din yung araw na malilimutan din kita. I am hurting right now but I know that things will get better in time :)) Dadating din yung time na you will only be […]

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It may only seem a two-syllable, five lettered word to utter, but deep inside my head it was more than just that. I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry kung naging mahina ako. I’m sorry because I had no choice. Sorry kase mas pinili kong lumayo. Sorry kase hindi man lang kita magawang ipaglaban. Sorry kung […]

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“What is Love”

Love is like a lightningCan’t define when it strikesYou can’t run nor hide on its pikesLeave your heart fast beating Love is like a windEventhough its not seen nor touchedThe caring gentle breeze send the feelingOf love that is binded with the red string Love is like the sunshineGives warmth and security to everyoneBreathes life […]

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